Por que tanto se fala “though” em inglês?

Mini aulas de inglês 5 de dezembro de 2016

– “Do you speak German?”

– “No, I don’t. I speak English though.”

What does “though” mean? Why do English speakers use this word so frequently? Learn all about this word and how to use it correctly in the video below!


  1. “Though” is similar to “porém” or “mas” when you want to give additional information to a usually negative statement. It is placed at the end of the sentence when used this way.
    • “I’m not really interested in going to the pary. Thanks so much for inviting me though!”  (“Não estou muito interessada em ir pra a festa, mas muito obrigada pelo convite!”)
  2. “Though” or “although” can also mean “embora” or “apesar de.”  It is placed at the beginning of the sentence when used this way.
    • Though I wasn’t hungry, I still ate the whole cheeseburger.  (Embora eu não estivesse com fome, eu comi todo o cheeseburger.)

I hope this lesson has helped you understand the meaning of the word “though” in English!

So tell me…

Have you heard someone use the word “though” in a sentence recently?  How was “though” used?

Let me know in the comments below! 


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